Are you a generalist or a specialist

I wanted to make this video for you to, with just an idea of how to move faster. You know, we all know somebody who just seems to scream through life and get a lot done. Before we get there, one really quick thought. There are two types of rules in business or entrepreneurship: there’s being a specialist and being a generalist. Are you a generalist or a specialist?

So a specialist is someone who is really good at one thing and a generalist is someone who is pretty good at lots of things. If you’re a specialist – let’s say you love to cook. You want to be very careful about opening a restaurant because you think “I love to cook and people love to eat and I’ll open up a restaurant. I’ll get to do what I love.” You know running a restaurant involves a lot of hiring people, managing people, running the cash register, you know, marketing, sales, opening, closing, cleaning, sweeping, cleaning the kitchen, health codes – you’re not going to be in the kitchen cooking all of the time which is what you love. Entrepreneurs usually succeed as generalists. You’re pretty good at managing a bunch of different things. You probably know the projects you tend to go too deep with; to spend too much time on. So the trick is before you start that project, you can say “Ok, how much time am I going to spend on this?”

And if you think “Well, usually I would spend 6 hours”, start a timer and only spend 4 hours on that project and you’ve limited your time. So by limiting your time, you’re not going to get too lost because you know you’ve only got 4 hours or whatever it is. And the truth is, you’ll often find that the difference between perfection and “good enough” – pretty good – not perfect but pretty good is actually not too bad – not too far. Good enough is actually just fine. In a sense, there’s, there’s a decreasing return on effort.

Here’s an example. Let’s take jogging. Let’s say you jog for 15 minutes every day. Ok, you’re going to see a pretty decent increase in your health. You’re going to feel it; you’re going to feel different. If you jog an hour a day, you would feel it even more. As you go out forward and you drive more and more, the benefits decline, you’re going to get in more shape; you’re in better shape, but let’s say you’re timing yourself on how fast you can run a mile. It’s gonna get, you’re increases per effort are gonna get smaller, smaller and smaller until you get out to the people who run in the Olympics. Those people are, are improving by hundredths of a second and they are happy that they are breaking world records but to do that they’re getting more and more extreme. So at some point, the effort, you’re starting to get sort of declining results. Ok, I hope you found this video useful. It’s been fun to make and now I’m going to have to prove to you that I can get it out there without getting too perfectionist about it. So go easy on me with the editing so I’m to chop it up too much and get crazy and upload it. It is Wednesday just about noon and I’ll see how I can get this to you. “Here’s an example” is repeated several times.

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