Be happier in life

We live in a world where you turn on the television and you see all the things that rich and famous people have and so that make you feel lesser because you don’t have those things. The thing to focus on is – is the things that you do have. Have, have, you know if you have your health, if you have a friend, if you have a job, you can just look inwards, things that you do have, you can appreciate, so try to pay less attention to what everybody else is doing and what everybody else has and look inside yourself and that we will make you feel happier and be happier in life.



  1. Scott Keatley

    I’m thankful for a lot the Thanksgiving, but most of all for the people I work with and those we serve. Here is my list of what I am most thankful for this season:

    • Aaron

      Thanks for the comment Scott. It looks like you’re doing good work at NourishingNYC.

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