How to stay focused in a conversation

If you find that your mind wanders doing a conversation and it could come across as sort of rude if you kinda turn off and just, you know, lose your focus, what you can do is plant your feet so that you’re facing right towards the other person, alright. You can even try to lean in towards them a little bit and try to focus, sometimes it can help to look at their mouth; look at their eyes but focus on them, the physical person. Look at the person and focus on their words and try not to always be thinking about what you’re going to say and that’s how you’ll be a better listener and you’ll be more focused and you’ll know how to stay focused in a conversation.

Be happier in life

We live in a world where you turn on the television and you see all the things that rich and famous people have and so that make you feel lesser because you don’t have those things. The thing to focus on is – is the things that you do have. Have, have, you know if you have your health, if you have a friend, if you have a job, you can just look inwards, things that you do have, you can appreciate, so try to pay less attention to what everybody else is doing and what everybody else has and look inside yourself and that we will make you feel happier and be happier in life.

How to get more friends at school

Sometimes, we don’t, we don’t feel like we have friends and that ties in with not feeling popular; sometimes we don’t feel popular and that can be really hard especially if you’re a teenager. You wonder how to get more friends at school, where your whole world is made up of the friends that you have and high school tends to be a hierarchy sorted by popularity.

That’s all, that’s all it can feel like sometimes but you should realize that it gets better; it gets a lot better and the world as you leave high school and move into whatever you’re going to do beyond high school – the people around you will shift and change and I’ve been out of high school for awhile now and I’m not in touch, I think I’m mainly in touch with one guy from high school and it doesn’t matter. Your whole friend group will change and people develop and change. Realize that you’re not alone; a lot of people feel , despite what they look like on the surface or what it seems like on the surface, a lot of people feel like they don’t have a lot of friends and I would say that it gets better but also in the moment, focus on being a good friend to other people and focus on and being less concerned with having a lot of friends and try to have a few good friends and hang in there.

I can’t sleep because of anxiety

Have you ever been awake at night and you’re, you’re thinking about all of the things you have to do and it’s stressing you out. So what’s, what’s a tip that you can do to feel a little bit less stressed – very simple: get a piece of paper and a pen and just write down everything that’s on your mind – just get it out of your head because there’s a part of your brain that’s job it is to kind of keep track of everything that’s going on and everything that’s important and that part of your brain makes you anxious because it’s constantly reminding you “you gotta do this, you gotta do this, don’t forget this” but the truth is that part of your brain has no sense of time.

I mean, rationally, you know that lying in bed awake at night stressed about something at work is not gonna help you; you can’t act on it right now but there’s that part of your brain that’s thinking about it, you know, and not thinking in a good way like a back burner kinda of like “Hmmm, how do I solve this; but sort of panicked about it. So if you put it on paper, that part of your brain can relax and say “Ok, we got this; we’re ok”. So a piece of paper and a pen beside your bed will make you a less stressed, happier person. That’s what I do when I can’t sleep because of anxiety. Thanks very much for watching the video. As you can tell, it’s a different day. I’m just uploading them, uploading video now and I’m talking quietly because the kids are sleeping so I hope you really enjoyed it and if you like it, you can hit subscribe up at the top; it’s the yellow button and you’ll get the next ones.

Thanks, have a good night.

How to make friends at college

When you go to college, try to do new things and by doing new things, you will find new friends along with finding new skill sets along with discovering new things, you’ll find new friends that will pull you in interesting and new directions and some of the experience of college is just newness – novelty, trying different things and discovering more about yourself and in the process and that’s how to make friends at college; you’ll make fantastic friends.

How to use affirmations

The time to, the time to think about happiness, if you want to use affirmations and how to use affirmations to be a happier person, the time to do that is in the morning. If you can possibly do it, set aside a time in the morning, ideally before other people wake up and ideally it’s the same time and what you can do is you can write out the thoughts you want to have. Write them down on a piece of paper, and then every morning you can spend 30 seconds on this and it can change your life.

You’re going to read through the thoughts on that piece of paper, and you’re literally writing something like I am grateful for my friends; I’m grateful for my health; I’m grateful that I’m not homeless. It sounds funny but really, you know, I’m grateful…there’s a lot of things that it’s easy to forget or be grateful for or that you could be grateful for and if you, studies have shown that people who connect with a feeling of gratitude, a feeling of thankfulness, feel happier. So if you want to feel happier, don’t focus on happiness, focus on gratitude and you’ll be happier.

I don’t like my job

Sometimes work sucks. You’re thinking, “I don’t like my job” but you feel like you have to go to your job. You’re trapped. You need the money.

Keep in mind, you can focus on the things outside of work and take happiness from the things outside of work. If you allow yourself to be open; just have an open mind for a second; you can actually get happiness from smiles on the street.

If you’re feeling a little bit down, try an experiment. Hold on. Have an open mind here. Just walk down the street and just smile at people. Some people will not smile back to you but a lot of people will smile back to you and you’ll really feel a lot happier. And you won’t be saying I don’t like my job anymore!

So on your way back to work, keep that in mind and remember that you’ll have another job someday and it’ll probably be a better job.

What to do about the really hard stuff in your todo list

Sometimes we get hung up and it’s hard to actually get started on your todo list. The bigger the task, the harder it is to just get started. This quick video will get you started.

Can exercise prevent colds?

It’s amazing how much our perceptions affect our physical realities.  I remember a study where people who imagined lifting weights actually gained strength, and now this study shows that people who think they’re fit gain some incredible benefits.

Along with getting colds less often, the severity was reduced, especially for people who thought they were the most fit.

“The severity of symptoms fell by 41% among those who felt the fittest and by 31% among those who were the most active.”

BBC News – Exercise ‘can prevent a cold’.

Can’t sleep because of anxiety?

Have you ever been lying awake at night because you’re so darn stressed and you can’t let go of your day? This one’s for you!