How to work faster

In this video I’ll show you how to move FASTER and stop being such a perfectionist. Comments welcome!

The 3-Minute Plan

The Problem: We often jump straight into work, and spend the day reacting to what other people want and neglecting our priorities. At the end of the day we think, “Argh! I never worked on _______!”

The Trick:
Before you start work, take three minutes and decide your top priorities for the day. You’re never going to get everything done – what is MOST important for today? Write them down and put them somewhere you’ll see them all day.

The Secret: You’ll find that simply having priorities will give you a sense of empowerment and control over your work, even if there are days when you can’t stick to them.

Why this works: When you first start working, your mind is fresh. It’s a GREAT time to write, plan or do creative work. With your priorities in place it’s easier to choose what to work on first and avoid “stumbling into your day”.

One Touch Email

The Problem: When checking email, we often read a bunch of messages and reply to them later. The problem is we’re reading (and thinking about) those messages twice.

The Trick:
You should only “touch” an email once. Open it, read it and then act on it. That might mean replying, forwarding, delegating, or putting it into a folder.

How it works: Ever notice the little “oooh!” feeling when new messages show up in your inbox? Our brains release a little of the neurotransmitter Dopamine (associated with the pleasure/reward systems) based on novelty. That’s why we find ourselves checking email all day long,(or visiting the same sites over and over again.)

We’re hoping to find something new.

Similarly, because replying isn’t as much fun as reading new emails we often push it off. When we finally get around to replying, we have to read them again, which wastes time.

Stop doing that, and you’ll soon be working faster!