How to start your day off right

I want to talk about the number one mistake that people make in the morning and how to start your day off right. This is number one. This is very hard to avoid, but if you could avoid this, life will be good. That is: Checking email.

It’s so hard to not check your email first thing in the morning. You pick up your phone, go to the computer; I’ll just take five minutes. The problem is two problems.

One is you get sucked into the problems of the day. All the emails that have been coming into you, they put you in a mode of reacting. You’re reacting to all of the things that are coming in via your email inbox. The second one is you don’t have the buffer of time of setting up what you want to do with the day. They’re very similar problems but what you really want to do is in the morning you want to figure out what you want to do today, get your head right, and then tackle your day. Maybe that means go check your email, but the first thing you do should not be your email.


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