How to stop getting distracted working at home

I want to talk about modes. As you go through your day, you’re kind of in different modes. You might have a social mode where you’re being social with people, you’re not worried about work; or you might have a mode where you’re reacting to things; another mode where you’re driving things forward.

It’s important to know how to stop getting distracted working at home. The things that matter most in terms of where your success comes from is where you are driving things forward. The big important things that will move your business or your career forwards as opposed to just responding to everything that’s going on and everybody is emailing you and all that kinds of stuff. That’s coming inwards.

How can you work on things that matter and not get distracted by stuff coming at you? Your home is full of distractions that are hard to avoid. One of the ways that I’ve found that works is to get away from the computer. Pencil, paper; you think a lot differently when you’re using those things. One of the things I’ve found is you have a lot of ideas.

As soon as you get away from the computer, part of your brain unlocks and suddenly I’m always coming up with things I need to do. Quick! I should get this or I should think about that or I should email this person.

What you want to do is you want to have a pad of paper. It could be on your desk or it could be beside your computer and this is an inbox for your computer. In a sense, it’s just putting a barrier between you and getting back on line. You may turn off the internet or unplug it physically and you go over to the desk and any ideas you have, you just write them down so they’re out of your head and you can keep on rolling.

Then when you’re going to go back online, you just go through your list and you put it all in. The point is to stop yourself from just getting back online with the first idea that you think of.


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