I don’t like my job

Sometimes work sucks. You’re thinking, “I don’t like my job” but you feel like you have to go to your job. You’re trapped. You need the money.

Keep in mind, you can focus on the things outside of work and take happiness from the things outside of work. If you allow yourself to be open; just have an open mind for a second; you can actually get happiness from smiles on the street.

If you’re feeling a little bit down, try an experiment. Hold on. Have an open mind here. Just walk down the street and just smile at people. Some people will not smile back to you but a lot of people will smile back to you and you’ll really feel a lot happier. And you won’t be saying I don’t like my job anymore!

So on your way back to work, keep that in mind and remember that you’ll have another job someday and it’ll probably be a better job.


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