Overcoming Procrastination

The Problem: Procrastination. (Yes, we all do it.).

The Secret: Doing the project isn’t the real challenge, it’s getting started in the first place.

The Trick: A quick burst of effort on whatever you’re avoiding. The idea is to start small enough that you’ll actually do it. It’s ok if the amount of effort feels “ridiculously small”, especially if you’re really stuck.

Example: “I’m going to clean this room for one minute” or “I’m going to open the project and write one sentence.”

How it works: The longer you avoid doing something the bigger it gets inside your mind. Any progress that gets you started wipes away that feeling and gives you a fresh start. From there it’s easier to keep moving.


  1. Malarmannan

    You are right, my friend. I’ve started FEELING your tip works. Thank you.

  2. siddharth

    absolute correct begin with small step to reach the peak.

  3. BEN

    you are right – this tips works

  4. patty

    Yup. I’ve been challenged with this my whole life, and it doesn’t get easier to ‘get up and go’. I am 50 and work a lot, I want to and have to get better with creating those little moments that get me out of the fear place into the ‘yes!’ place for projects. You are inspiring! Thanks.

  5. Yvonne

    Yes, I know that the longer we wait the worst it gets in our minds. It does truly. I think, when I go through burn out or feel like giving up is when I procrastinate and I really feel worse about the whole ordeal then. This is great stuff. I like the new approach. It’s retraining for me and I need that. Thank you so much.

  6. Dawn Hysner

    I am a huge procrastinator, yes it is getting in my way of getting my business going! Thank you for your time and tips…I really appreciate it! You ROCK!


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