Perspective on time management

I want to say something about time management. We all think that we want to get more time in our day and find more time and we’re too busy. It’s the wrong approach because you can’t get more time. We need some perspective on time management.

Squeezing more hours into a work day doesn’t really matter because the effective part of your work day is really small. If you think about it; and I’m not talking about all the little things that you have to do to move your work forward, the little gotta be done stuff; but the real things, the this-matters-to-where-my-career-my-life-my-goals, all that stuff; the big stuff. That’s just a few hours a day, maximum.

If you can get a few great hours of writing in or a few great hours of whatever in, that’s a great day. That’s solid time management. The focus should be on making sure that we are pushing forward the things that really matter and not getting distracted by everything around us.

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